problems with family because of relationship
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Hai I am an 18 year old girl from india. 2 years ago I met a guy and I fall in love with him. We would like to marry too. But there are many problems. One being our age.. He is now 27 and we are of different castes. And also he is not settled. My parents and family got to onow about it with the first month of our relationship and he had been called by the police. But still we continues.. We both are emotionally attached to our family too. His economical background is also weak. Now my parents tells me only to study.. If I studies hard.. Then they will allow our marriage.. But the problem is he is class 12 failed as he didn't attend his exams. He did it knowingly as he thought at his age that if he pass he won't be able to help his family economically. But his decision was very wrong. Now he is an ITI passed guy. And seeks job.. How can he gwt a good job and settle all the problems..??? Please help me out..

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