problems with in laws and husband's stand regarding the relationship
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I dont complaint that in-laws dont take care of me. They care me, but put so many restrictions. Its like we are giving you food and shelter so you need to listen and do according to our wish. I was born and raised with substantial amount of freedom, so i feel i have been captive. Coming to my husband, he is caring but doesnt take a stand..whenever his dad speaks something, my husband only wants me to be quiet. He says that he is old , so we need to adjust and go. His dad doesnt like if anything is brought from my mother's place. They dont even eat it. If I refuse to get it, my mim feels bad. He also has hurt them with his words. I dont know if I am wrong or they. I only need a freedom to express my feelings. I tried doing so.. but all in vein.. I was scolded by his dad.. Im keeping quiet because my parents will be hurt. I dont want to be under the clutches of someone..but no option...Sometimes I feel, I will give up with this marriage, but im worried about my parents. My father-in-law is very harsh at hus tongue, he will speak all ill about my parents...Moreover I am not getting job anywhere..though I applies to so many places... dont know what has happened to my life...I have never felt so stressed and depressed before. I seriously wish to die as soon as possible

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