problems with in laws
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Hi, i have issues with my mother in law. Ever since I have been married she has been problematic. She had a problem with my cooking, my dressing sense, my behaviour. On top of that she has expectations from me of understanding everything that going on in her mind and act accordingly. She and my father in law keep a close watch on me even when they are in the other room by constantly moving around to see what I am doing. She keeps tap on what I am ding and informs all of to my husband. It's been three years and I have a daughter now. She tries to show me that i am a bad mother and I can't take care of my daughter well. She keeps on bringing up fights and when I reciprocate to her no sense she starts crying and shouting. I has giving a tough time in my pregnancy as well by constantly fighting and shouting. I tried to forget every thing for the sake of my daughter but she is in no mood to change. Their are other members of my family including her friends how support her behavior. What can I do? I feel like separating with my husband is the only thing left as he is also being irritated by this drama

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