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PTSD - My issues is more of a PTSD issues I am really not sure if anyone would believe a word I want to say, since my last 4 councellors also thought I was lying... Back in 1991 when I was 8 years old, I told my parents that I might be born in the wrong body, I was probably supposed to be a girl but I was born a boy, my parents got worried and discussed the matter with his brother who happened to be a child psychologist. Uncle convinced my parents that it's some sort of a psychological disease and that it could be cured, he convinced my parents to sever all ties with me until he thinks I am all cured up, and that I had to stay in their home during the tenure of the treatment... It took 5 years, a period between 1992 and 1997... The types of treatment he provided left some scars on me, his treatment included situations that made me ashamed of myself, and eventually I finally understood that I am better off as a boy... The treatment left some scars in my soul which I was able to get over it after a long struggle... but recently someone from my past triggered those nightmares and now I have started to feel that anxiety and depressed once again. I need someone to actually understand what I am going through... and help me please... O won't mind if no one believes me... I am totally fine with that...

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