ptsd, depression, suicide ideation and self harm
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his is urgent,plz help. Hi, i am a 25yr old female with history of ptsd, anxiety disorder and depression with a few instances of self harm and suicidal ideation.I had consulted 2 psychiatrists in the past but one broke confedentiality to my parents and the other charged too much per session with no results. My first panic attack started around Nov 2018 and since then it became either became frequent or less at different times of the year.All my medical reports were clean except for a holter test that showed one instance of sinoatrial trachycardia recorded while sleeping in a 24-hr report.This finding was ruled out as just anxiery mervosus. I've tried everything, from medication,therapy to meditation, talking to others,support groups,etc.Nothing helps. My ptsd mostly stems from multiple instances of child sexual abuse and emotional trauma.Since a week back, a trigger was set off and i've had panic attacks after flashbacks from ptsd almost daily,less than 2hrs of sleep,crying spells,self harm tendencies and after affects of panic attacks that have now made me a vegetable.It is the worst so far and i really,desperately need psychiatric help to cope.Plz help me as to what to do. If anyone can recommend an ethical and proper psychiatrist from Hyderabad,Telengana, i'll be very grateful. This urgent, plz help.

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