query about brother's addiction
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Today came upon your video while searching for some solution during these times of Pandemic for my 49 year old brother,who is divorced for 15 years now and is jobless for past 5 years. He was doing quite well,had been in India and abroad at top positions,then he developed this habit of Alcohol consumption 15 years back,as a result got his divorce,had to sell his house,lost his two kids and gradually his jobs. My father who had retired as Sub Inspector from Delhi Police ,and was suffering from cancer took care of him during this time. 2015 he again developed alcoholism and my father sent him to a rehab in 2016 from where he came out in 2017,cos he got quite abusive and demanding,he stayed there for five months,came back stayed sobre ,took care of father who had second relapse of cancer by now. Father expired in November 2017,he stayed on with my widow mother and kept searching for jobs but in vain. From past two months he is again creating trouble for my 73 year old mother,who is looking after him with a meagre pension of 13 k after my father expired in 2017. Nowadays he has become highly aggressive,hurting himself,or shouting and abusing my mother,asking for money,he even dared to take out money from mother's account without her knowledge using her ATM card.He isnot taking alcohol that's what my mother says but he is out of the house for long periods in evenings. Situation is out of my mother's control,how can we get your help.please guide.My mother stays in Faridabad(Haryana) At present he is at my Mausis place in UP near Bulandshahar,roaming around in this time of crisis,he is creating problem for my Mausis and her partially paralyzed husband. Please do guide me to solve this problem

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