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hello just wanna rant-so my partner nad i are in a long distance relationship since like 2 weeks. before that we lived in the same hostel and are together for 7 months. 2 days back he called me at night and within literally 10 seconds he said bye without explaining. I asked calmly if he didn't wanna talk and he rudely told me that shouldn't he get rest?that he's been working all day and he needs sleep. He then declined the call. After 40 minutes approx, he called again and started talking normally asking me how my day was. this pissed me of and i wasn't in the mood to have a lovely dovey chit chat so i was responding dryly. he said bye and i cut the call. later that night I texted him that "if he doesn't feel like talking ever he can calmly tell me i won't mind coz everybody gets tired. we're humans after all. but if he talks like shits first and then expects me to talk nicely later, that ain't happening. " he just replied with "🙏👍" the next morning and hasn't called or texted since

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