Recent Anxiety Issues:(
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Hi everyone. I am not feeling good today :( I have my exams coming up for which i need to study for full days. But you see thats not my problem.. My problem is that after these exams my parents are gonna go back to town for work and they will stay there for two three months. I feel very sad, i love my family members alot and i just can find emptyness without them. I am a teen almost a young adult. And the worst news hasnt ended cause guesa what? i have anxiety real strong and speciallly in front of new people and i just cant read loudly or participate in public speaking,i just cant. It was fun for me while it was all online till now but guess what now after exams i have offline school =anxiety stress and awkwardness in front of the new school mates(Btw i changed schools recently) so these all factors make me real sad and i just want advise and help and some consolation so that i can do atleast something well....

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