recent break up
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hi I am.going through somewhat of a bad break up & I'm young my boyfriend well ex bf tried breaking up with me by blocking me and ghosting me because he couldn't tell me and he says he doesn't know what he wants never before he has ever mentioned breaking up or even suggesting that we need space I really need advice or help because I feel so betrayed I feel like I can never love anymore again and I'm too ashamed to talk about it I've only told 2 friends & they been really helpful but its not enough it just hurts a lot he said the reason why is because life has gotten stressful for him because he goes to work and go to school everyday I asker him if that's the truth multiple times and he said yes but I keep overthinking it and kept thinking he has another girlfriend & that he is lying he said he wants to be friends and stil talk like bf and gf but i dont think i can do that....can someone help?

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