recently deleted social media, tired with superficial friendships looking for real friends
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hello, I have recently deleted social media, its not that I wanted to cut off from everyone but I've been traumatised with all the negativity that is surrounding through the globe. I love people, I love being around, I love to have a talk. But its been years since I live most of my life alone in my bed playing guitar or listen to music to distract myself from the solitude im living, which i'm used to it now, reason? i dont know. people nowadays are so busy or is it that they wanna spend their time only on those whom they wanna spend? I still dont know. There are people who text you and you have an excitement rushing to have a conversation and the next thing you know is they reply after hours. Sometimes some people arent bothered to even respond. i have friends. but not true friends. I was a child who was loved by everyone, and I was enjoying till I entered my teenage life. I have faith in myself but i've been waiting since years and im tired.

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