Regret of a past event
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Hello guys, Im going through a tough situation rightnow, I hope someone can help me getout of this regret and feeling that I'm evil and not a good person. Immoral, in my teenage time like I was 14-15 years. I touched a cow's vigina with my foot, I didn't know if that was right or wrong at that point of time may be out of curiosity I could have done that but no matter howmany times I tell this to myself my brain kind of making me regret it very badly . But suddenly last month that memery triggered into my brain. And now I feel like, why I did it and Am I really a disgusting person...these thoughts repeatively stuck in my brain. I am worried about everything in my life now, I know from depth of my heart that Im a good person but then after sometime this thought comesup into my mind and then I get moodoff and I want to do anything in life and I get stuck and can't focus and all my happiness tured in sorrow and I feel terrible that no one would do this and In the whole world I only did this and Im a cruel person and subjected to punishment. I can't seem to find a way out to live my life again with same happiness before 2 weeks.

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