Regret of irresponsibility
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I'm 2ndyr engineering student. I don't whats happening i constantly feel low by not studying,I always regret at the end of the day for not studying. at college I can't answer single viva questions. i study expected questions but I don't know why I go silent in front of professor at the time of viva.I want knowledge,i have this craving to learn new stuff but can't start. taking first step is always difficult.i want to study but I don't want to thats just too much effort scrolling Instagram all day with a screen time of 8 hours is way to comfortable.I understand everything like I want to change I have to change anyway no matter what cause I'm not liking the way I am but what's stopping me doing it I can't understand but ik that's me who have to take responsibility for my wellbeing for my change oh god this regret be like eating me my heart.I'm serious I want to change, by not giving viva answers and not scoring good marks my classmates will judge that I'm dumb some energy is stopping me

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