Regretting my decision
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Now , i am so confused about my decision . I think i made a wrong decision to choose such expensive college for my btech. I am really so stupid , how can i take such nonsense step in my life without thinking properly . i was thinking , i am mature and i can take right decision , but i am regretting my decision of joining such a expensive college . my parents will feel burden of paying my fee everytime . i don't know why , i always make a stupid decision . i should have given time to me and myself to make a right decision . And i can't complain anyone, as it is my decision to join . but i am not liking the atmosphere here , it's so weird. also i don't like the people and vibe here . I feel so lonely among such huge crowd . I feel like i am not for this college , i should have chosen a decent college ,where i can students of my level , simple and friendly . whom should i tell my condition ,my parents will be really disappointed , if i tell them this . it is my decision , and i

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