relapse of feeling because alcohol influence and drunk calling
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two days ago i was drunk & i had called my x over phone which is now devastating me that y i had called her...i had promised myself that i will never call her when i mean no one to her then Y should I...she used to send gifts to her x on his budday after being in relation with me.this all thing is running in my head...i knw i was never meant for her i was only tympass for her...jst a teddy bear...since r break up i had not cried & still i m not crying & i dont want to cry bcoz i had enough already cried a lot for her... i had always accepted her even tough her lies,her all bad attitude towards me...but now after that call 2 days ago has disturbed me...& know i want to talk to her dont Y...i will not call her or talk to her at any cost bcoz i mean no one to her when she dosnt give a damm to me...but i cant stop missing her...i love her...oh god i want to prepare for my exam i am unable to do....i am tired of myself now...i want to sleep hard and wake up after long

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