relationship and shitty life
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Hi, I am 21 years old doing my engineering. Just a normal middle class girl. so the past 6 months have been really tough in life. I have been dealing through mental breakdowns. I have been dating a guy since 2019 till now. everything was fine between us and past 6 months we have diffrence of opinions. he's acting too weird, doesn't call me not spend time. he states he is busy in life and education. there were tough times in his life and I chose to stay by him and today when there is financial and though times in my life he says it's hard to deal right now. lately he broke up with me and i had to cry for staright 3 hrs to make him understand that i can't go without him. idk what to. feels like i have lost myself. I don't want him but i also can't live without him. feeling very stressful and not able to concentrate on anything

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