Relationship Issue
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Married for 9 years n have one year old beautiful baby. Everything was fine physically between us first 4 years. But in 2018 when I return home after 3 months stay from my parents home my husband told me he is no more sexually attracted towards me. From that time till now we didn't got intimate. Even we conceived our baby through IUI because of this. Whenever I ask him what is the problem he tells me he loves me n he is physically fit and fine but he can't get intimate with me. We stopped talking on this topic now but I see we got emotionally detached also due to this n bcoz of less time due to baby's responsibilities. This particular thing is pinching me deep down as I never got a proper reason of this that why he lost complete interest in me. He is not in any other relationship also so that case is also ruled out. I am feeling more frustrated and low self confident with each passing day. Sometimes i feel if I am dat much ugly. i feel depressed beyond limits sometimes.

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