Relationship Issue
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Today I wanted to share some problem regarding relationship issue. I love someone for last 3 years but that person don't like me still I was waiting for that person. At the beginning of this year suddenly that person proposed me for marriage. I was too happy. After 2 months suddenly I noticed that person started ignoring me. I also suspected that he is looking for others. when I asked to that person he started fighting with me and told that he is not cheater kind of person.But he still ignoring me. Trying to point out each and every fault of me. when I m asking what is he doing that time he is telling he is busy with something. not telling clearly and every day I m expecting he will call me. but he doesn't want to connect with me regularly. somedays he is contacting with me for min 12 min to max 25 min. Most of the time he is disconnecting my call as bzy will office work. At the beginning of the relationship he was not doing that.don't know what to do??

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