Relationship issue because of parents
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Hey! I really need some help. I feel like I am trapped. I am a 23 year old girl and have been in love with someone for years. But the age gap between us is 7 and a few months. He is now 30 and have been fighting with his family for 2 years as I couldn't tell my family back then. His family is ok with me. Now, I told my family about him and they are completely against it. There is no way we can wait as he is 30 and his family will pressurize him to get married to someone if my family doesn't agree. Both of us cannot marry anyone else and I can't even wait till my parents agree because he is telling me that if my parents won't agree and his family pressurizes him for another marriage, he will commit suicide. I am really helpless right now. Can someone please help me?

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