relationship issue
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I don't tryingmy best but you still keep breaking my trust REPEATEDLY and won't let me go. Won't let me let you go. You begged give you another chance...cried to me saying you'll'll do better. I don't know why I have to be the fool to believe you...believe that you'll do better by me...and by yourself. You mean so fucking much to me...sometimes it's scary, I wish I never met you at times. The things you make me feel...ive never felt them before. What scares me the most this is that I let you break my heart again and again and again like it's a toy. Give into the sweet words you whisper to me. You're a sweet talker I'll give you that. You have a way with words....but this is the last time I'm letting you get away with breaking my heart. I hope to my future self that I can do what it takes to let you go if you break me again.

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