relationship issue-Please read the comment too(continuation).
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I have some relationship issues. Last month,I was sick continuously and then when I recovered ,I got my menstruation . I was frustrated and i informed my boyfriend that i am on my periods because everytime ,I couldn't handle my moodswings and sometimes we had fight and i hurted him . So ,I told him to be careful with me . We are in a long distance relationship. Last week , three times he said "i hate you" in chat . I asked for the reason but he said simply ( we did not have any fight at that time). Everytime ,He did not give me the reason on why he told those words . I was thinking continuously and i couldn't take that . I asked him ,Whether he will love me the same way forever or will he hate me in future after marriage even if we get small fight . Now ,He has only me but in future he will have good job ,good family ,friends and he may meet new women . I am scared of loosing him and i am worried that he will hate me in future . When I asked this question ,He got angry and didn't..

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