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Hello. I have an issue. First let me tell some info so u would understand me better. We have been together for more than 4 years. In between we broke up once, after that he loose for about 10 or more kilograms cause he could not eat he was so dissapointed. Then we got back together ( we were all night together he was crying like a baby ), he started to gain kilograms, later he started living at house of my father. We had some issues during relationship. Today my friend texted me “ hey your boyfriend was reacting to my friend’s photos, he wanted to buy her photos etc. “ she also said “ she posts pictures from the internet .… Like I have a feeling that this is real, but I dont know it does not mean a lot a lot to me, maybe he does not have enoug space. I know that is hard to understand cause you all dont know our time spent together and all the nice moments and words he said. Yes we argue cause we are together almost 24/7 , I simpy dont know what to do help me and cheer me up🥲

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