relationship issues
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so, this incident first happened when i went to my bf's place for a sleepover. no don't get me wrong, we know each other since 2018 so it's like a natural friendly one but he decided to break it. er weren't in a relationship back then when at night he groped me multiple times. next day when i tried to talk about this topic, he said it was a mistake and i belived him. we got together shortly after and let's say that every single time I'm at his place, he gropes me. it started back in January and now it's almost June, this thing really affected me mentally and now I'm thinking about a break up. he's 20 and I'm 16, i tried to talk about these things and he said it was "semi-intentional", i don't really buy it. this incident affected me a lot and I'm so conscious everytime I'm around males. what should I do?

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