Relationship issues
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I have a cousin sister who is my soulmate, my bestie. after her mother died I treated her just like my own daughter as we both are single child we are there for each other. but i hate my sister 's boyfriend because the day he arrived in her life she is going away from me I feel that strongly. her priorities changed, I was her best friend and now she is more inclined to him, ignores me and even hides or speak lies to me. I strongly feel that guy is not good for her and whenever I tried to tell her she gets agitated with me. My relationship with my sister is getting worse day by day and I fear one day she might leave me for him, I feel so insecured. what to do? how to make our relationship better just like our old days? Sorry to say I can't trust her also nowadays because I feel she is always brain washed by her boyfriend. I really can't loose my sister, she is my only lifetime support and I love her very much just like my daughter, I can't live without her 24*7 365 days. plz help me

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