relationship issues and self worth
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Partner thinks that I m an older version type of man like somehow very serious and possessive of relationship. She was also loving and caring. From last 3 months we got distant too much and she didnt get time to know how I changed my mindset. And when in past I made wrong things I didnt hesistate to apologise but when this distance had been created and she is not accepting that communication gap is been created. Last we meet to clear this toxic problems and she wanted to live with me for sometime as a friend so that she can know and understand me. But I didnt want to live as a friend in relationship and dont wanted to fall in friendzone. She feel pressurized and brokeup with me. Now my mindset is angry and untrusty of her like I think that whenever mens are truly honest and serious about relationship I didnt cheat and I promised her that I will never leave u. Now I m feeling like becoming too nice and good we get dumped.

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