Relationship with roomie who try to competite with u all the tym
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im a clg student.I hav a problem regarding me n my roomie.Basically we spend good time with each other n used go together for hangout.we both do live where there is no such place to release out our all frustration n hates so we r likely to share our emotions to each other that's the emotional part of our friendship. she is elder than me so sometimes she thinks that I m new to this open world n I know less about world n people.somehow as I hav seen when we go to clg we share same rules n decorum she got irritated react so faster to clg rules n decorum she also got jealous when teachers n my colleague do appreciate me for my work..she don't take part in clg functions n if I do take part she thinks I want to be star of the class n give sarcastic joke so I had to avoid clg functions.she jealous of my progress I couldn't understand how to deal with her as i spend alots of tym with her too so if I try to get separate she'll start hating me as I haddid this once.soplz suggest me what todo

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