Rough life
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hi.... actually the thing is I am an average student everyone says that I won't be successful in life all my cousins are blessed ... my cousin sister was also not good at studies but she is getting married to a class-1 govt officer and my cousin brother is also a merit Lister .. all this things were told by a pandit ji earlier that my cousin will be a ranker and my sister will marry a man with a great job and to me he Sayed that he will do good at technical feild ... everybody else in the family is getting sucessfull thay are blessed by birth but I am not what should I do , my life is worthless and I am not going through a decent life pls help as it's enting me from inside everybody says I won't be successful. I tried alot but i failled in NDA exams too which was my dream career 😭 now I have switched it to engineering i am constantly getting backlash .

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