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I really want to die so bad. I can't deal with this world's shit anymore. The pressure it's just too much for my brain. I see how successful people become. How they change their habits quickly. How they work hard. But I'm not able to. I feel pathetic , I feel like a loser infront of my intelligent friends. I think my brain doesn't work like others. I can't memorize answers. I remember other things, but why can't I remember things which are important. I feel like a complete loser. I think I'm not able to help my parents financially. Why? Everyday I think about it am sad, lonely, depressed. I'm sincerely alive right now is because of my Parents my family ❤️ Otherwise, what's the reason of me being alive or dead. 🙂 I'm sincerely fed of of this shit life of mine.....!

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