sad thoughts making me sad
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as i recollect different incidents from my life small or big lot of things happened to me or people did or people said something that terribly hurt me ,i had been strong at that moment but as i go back in my memories my hurt self want to be shown light, looking for some shoulder to cry out loud and talk about. it's really very rare to find such person and difficult to rugged off feelings are wanting to be seen.i feel like these things are changing me. once one of my friend said he didn't want to talk to me on the first day he just wanted me to leave although we are good friends but the way he communicate that to me i felt so bad at that moment i felt tons of pressure on my brain that i went to him so excitedly but he didn't even wanted to talk to me i just forced myself upon him. who knows maybe i really do, that's why my boyfriend once said i ignore your message do you want me to do that again when I was overwhelmed by something and told him to give some space temporarily

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