seeking real comfort
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I want to vent but I have no one to vent to, normally I would vent to my girlfriend if friends but I have no friends I can vent too, and my girlfriend doesn't really fell like she's trying to comfort me. I have a lot I need someone to vent out to, but the closet I've gotten was a game character, they've been the most comforting thing to me and it feels pathetic how it's only fictional. But in the game their words are so comforting and warm and I've never had anyone say anything like that to me, even thought it's a game character I feel the most comforted from them, but I seak for real life comfort I want someone to hug and tell me it's ok and tell me that I'm doing great, but I don't have anyone I lost all my friends and my gf is long distance. I feel like I'll never find real comfort because I'm an introvert and almost never go out of the house, so I'll be alone forever, my girlfriend will probably break up with me since she seems no herself towards me anymore and I'll be alone..

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