self esteem issue due to job loss
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Yeah, the thing is I lost my job in April when pandemic started from their all my problems arised unemployment, financial crisis in family, personal commitments, health problems in family where again it created lot of financial problems again, I am trying my best to get a job I donno whether the problem is in me or in the resume or recruiters. I have faced worst interviews, peoples, recruiters face to face as well as virtual, if a girlish in trouble she couldn't find a job they wont think to help us by giving job but they take it as a advantage harass her sexually though I have faced all these virtually they have tortured me like hell, not all girls are same and not all boys are bad but still I am so helpless I just need a job to solve my problem, and so called friends make fun my situation, my english accent, my knowledge in subjects, judge me by my pasts and present situation I really don't know what they earn but putting me down and most importantly I am in really a very bad situation where I couldn't adjust 18k that is really a emergency but I donno I m trying to find job even I have searched maid sweeping cleaning bearer job too but I donno y m not getting and as I mentioned before neither I will be rejected nor they misbehave with me I m so depressed that I really font want to live in this world I even tried to kill myself but I I really don't have that guts and also I have to look after my parents too I donno what to do I m just please i need a solution that is a job please could anyone help me please ๐Ÿ™

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