sessions of crying, affected by being judged
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Hey... these days im crying a lot because of no reason. absolutely no reason. it feels so wrong because the crying only takes place sometimes, but when it does its intense. im genuinely happy at other times. i am myself. but i get sad afterwards because im constantly being judged for that image that i show. im a person who believes that you can have atleast 2 images or more. so why am i judged on only one image. are people so blind that they cant see behind the mask? its so obvious to me that im acting sometimes. and i even drop them clues. this also makes me have low self esteem and frelings of inadequacy coz apparently, my loved ones do not criticise any other person of my age- atleast not as much. but when it comes to me. its always about complaints. why do i have to laugh? why do i run like this, is something wrong with my hands? and then i have to go in full details that i like to run loosely when its not for something. why cant i do it vecause i like it. recently u was also asked by my father to wear girly clothes, because i only like to wear shirts. and im not exaggerating it if i say that whenever i wear anything crosses my shoulder bone- he gets more uncomfortable than me. im a sensitive person. those things affect me a lot. and the fact that i dont have the pretty face people want doesnt help much. and i cry. why though!! my eyes are burning right now. ive just got up from fever. please help me. help me by giving some realistic tips of how not to care about people. ive seen whats found on the internet and it sucks coz it doeant even work- duh!!!! please help. i want to stpp my tears T_T

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