seual abuse by people around, unable to seek help
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My gym teacher used to bribe me with candy to stay in the class so he could stare at me and put his hands on me. I was the only girl in the class. My teacher for science lifted up my dress when I was leaning over the table to get something and thrusted his penis on me. He took the doors off the girls bathroom by his class room and he came into it when me and my friends were in there. He watched me use the bathroom I screamed at him to get out but he kept saying he wasnt in there. My principal wouldnt do anything about it and since then three people have been expelled from that school for trying to speak up about him and one was my bestfriend. But I would never tell anyone about what happened. And my la teacher this year he got a student pregnant and was still able to teach years later. He didnt get in any trouble at all and then I would have panic attacks in his class and one day when I wore something that showed the top of my boobs like a tank top would he came up to me and just stared down my shirt. I could feel his thing on me getting hard. I had a boyfriend hurt me while we were messing around and I havent trusted many people since. And I was about ready to leave class a few months ago and this guy grabbed my ass. My now ex boyfriend's friend grabbed my ass and at the time we were dating and all he did was laugh and stare. Then later on when I changed into my gym clothes he grabbed me again. I screamed. And when I try to tell someone I trust which isnt many people they just go oh yea that happens sometimes. I was followed home a few times by a car of men. And the other day at work a guy yelled at me for getting his order wrong and I just could hold it together

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