severe health anxiety and seperation fear from loved ones after covid
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Hi I am female, 23. I have developed severe health anxiety ever since I tested positive for covid last month and lost a family member to the disease. I also attended a cremation for the first time ever and my mind is now filled with horrible sights of watching a family member burn away. I keep thinking about death, wondering about the ways in which I would die, thinking whether I am fine or not etc. Every little change I notice in my body, I start wondering whether it is a symptom of a new disease. My bosses think it has been a long while and I should be ready to get back to work but I can't even sleep properly. I keep having nightmares about medical stuffff or death and I wake up with my heart racing, drenched in sweat from top to bottom. Even the mere mention of the word "covid" triggers all these emotions again. Please help with any tips you have. P.S. meditation and positive affirmations only provide temporary relief and make me feel better for like 5 minutes. I need a long lasting solution. Thank you

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