Shaky hands
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Every time i want to write about this thing, I just back off Or simply igonre with some excuses. But today I feel it again, so i think to share it to know at least something on it. The thing is, I have been a shy kid it's like ambivert, that my original personality is of extrovert but maybe I over-talk or be extra weird, it eventually got toned down into introvetness over time. Coz like my words doesn't make sense to anyone, or i lack speech delivering quality that even a joke comes out like a serious comment, lol. Ok addition to talking issue, there is this shaky hands issue. idk if that got into my system from this above mentioned thing. Or is it something I have started noticing just now. See I naturally have super small appetite, like I eat in very controlled amount by myself (not stressed). So my friend said, you should start eating more for energy and then shaky hands would not happen. But I know, it's not about it. *word limit. let me continue in comment below.*

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