Shared feelings with mom, now confused
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One of my close friend is ignoring me and I was suppressing this in my mind . And I found my brain cluttered in depression. So finally today I spoke it all to my mommy about what she has done to me. And I can't even bear this betrayal. It's too painful to see someone who used to spend her time with me, not even calling or messaging me nowadays . Whenever I call her she is busy in talking with some other friends. When I told her why's not you calling me from your side Haan??She even answered me that -I never call anyone, everyone calls me. So I thought telling mommy what I'm going through may soothe me to Lil extent . Have I made a mistake by telling bad about my used to be bestie ? Because everyone says , it's bad to gossip and tell something bad. But in real she did bad to me. i was pretty depressed πŸ˜”

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