Sharing my issue.Please help.
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I love a guy his brother and sister in law are in government sector job in a very high position.His sister in law is very beautiful.I'm really zealous of that. During my childhood I was very focused and hardworking but though my mind was not sharp I alway stood average student in the class after putting so much effort also.But my aim was I will be the 1st,every one should know me,in my career I will always be the best.Promise I'm not lying I never cheated rather was so much over concern related to my career. God is so unfair for me.I have seen some of my friends they are enjoying there life as well as studying also very well getting very good marks.I observe them and realise if I follow this life style I will be failed and my ambition will be shattered.Now I'm a software Engineer and earning good amount good in my profession but not happy and after knowing my bf's family I'm really very depressed because in government job there is so much of reputation so much prestige,job security

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