Sharing relationship experience
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My first love was a boy in highschool . And i fell for him intensely. Things were good at the start from both the sides but after a year my fairytale became a nightmare as my family involved in it and they discontinued my studies . I was in depression then for years but after a year my parents allowed me to study in my maternal uncle's house . The relationship became long distance and we don't have the resources to communicate but it really hurts . I had always missed him every single day every single minute in those years . But after 2 years he started behaving differently , he started blaming me for everything and our relationship became toxic . I was not able to breakup because i had never loved anyone in my life more than him and i wasn't able to imagine my life without him . But in my college days , i found a boy who really loved me for who i am, genuinely cared for me and would do anything for me . I had seen the kind of love in his eyes which i felt for my first love . So then i had the courage to end my toxic relationship and i ended it. Then at the next moment i was in a relationship with the another boy who really loved me but after some months the breakup Symptoms again left me in my depression place and i realised that i am not able to love the another boy as my heart still belongs to my first love . I neither had the courage to leave my second relationship so i just somehow wished so i could fall in love with him in future and destiny made it happen . I again fall in love and my life is now heavenly beautiful . My current bf really loves me the way he said in the first way and i am so glad to have him and i also love him . But my first bf always plays a victim card and calls me the betrayer , snake and so much. And at some point i started feeling guilty that may be i had done wrong with him but the decision was good for me ... This is the thing i wanted to share ... Thank you for reading πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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