Shit Parents
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My parents are shit and there's no other way to say it. Petty reason can evolve into large scale areguments. I've been trying hard to put them together but it's always in vain. No matter what I do they will always always get into a petty argument and as a result I usually have to sit my ass down for God knows how long to listen to my dad want about our problems. My mom on the other hand damn a hard headed idiot who don't seem to care about me. She runs off doing things that I always warn her would do more harm than good but still does it anyway. I really think I'm better off without my parents. I'm in a point that if their death will be a huge relief for me emotionally and mentally speaking. Thanks to those 2 I am often anxious of even the smallest things and I often spiral down into a very depressed mood every day.

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