Should I?
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I live alone now. and it's weird. Well, not completely alone, I have roommates. it's weird because now I have to worry about money. Not that my parents don't pay the rent but just money for everything else. I'm a college student and money just keeps being used. I thought I'd get a part time job but it's been really hard. one of the reasons I downloaded this app was to figure out how to apply here. I'm a great listener. Am I promoting myself here? yes. I'm that desperate. But, I've usually been told that I help them by just listening. By clearing away the clutter in their heads. So, yeah. That's it. I know I should find a job. It'll make me more proactive. I'll get paid. Reduce the burden on my parents a bit. So the question arises, should I get a job and will I ever?

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