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was chatting with some guy who is my friend and he asked me what I was doing and I said I was watching a movie and he said he was also planning to watch a movie that day. I asked, which one and he said 365 days and invited me to watch it with him and I said no thanks. He asked why not and I said it's just not my kind of movie, he then was like is it coz if the killing and I said no . I continued to say it's coz of the sex scenes which am not a big fun of . then he said it's coz I will get horny during the movie and he offered to take care of that(f me) . I told him I didn't like that and that I would prefer he did not say such things to me .And he got offensive saying that am acting like he is hitting on me yet all I was asking was that he respect the boundary that I set .

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