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should I delete my WhatsApp account a boy is bothering me...he was my classmate back at school ,he also had a crush on me....and i told him i don't like him back but he is too stubborn and try to impress me , make me feel pity bout him, try to act cute with some stickers ...he is kinda manipulator and i don't like this kind of immature behaviour.....i cannot block him as we were kinda good friends and this year he lost his father ...i don't want to block him directly as it may hurt him ,....i care too much about people feeling and that makes everyone think that i like him and had relationship with him bla bla bla....but I'm just being I'm thinking to delete WhatsApp and have some break....and after that when I will re install it i will block him ....and keep contact with specific people who are really important to me ...cause rest all are just giving me headache with irrelevant queries..... is it a good idea

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