So much confused
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hi all, one of my previous organisation colleague is planning for Goa..but I am very introvert and shy kind of person and he is what everyone wants.. in looks, gym body and excellent in many Life skills and what he is asking me to come and some of his college friends are also the issue is I somewhere know I will not fit in their conversation as it will be mostly adults talks and I lack that skill .. maybe I will spoil their mood...and other thing I know most of us know Goa is beautiful place but on the other hand it is also famous for other adult things..I am not judging them but I know it's their life and maybe I can imagine they all want to have that fun there..but I guess I am not fit for that kind of fun ..I can never even think because that's how I am from childhood and adult talks was never in my should I go should I not go .as it's their life and it's totally fine with me if they want to have that fun as it's their way of confused

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