Social anxiety
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I don't know what's this..feeling but I wanna let it itself.. So about social anxiety..I just feel that I wanna be in a locked room rather than being with someone being with anyone..any human..tho animals are still love..but due to some reasons I can't have one animal.. When anyone stares in the market place it feels like I wanna cover myself..I wanna hide myself.. when I meet people online it's fine until then see me or when I disclose my identity.. Nvm. Rest of the time presently I wanna hold onto people and don't want to lose them..but holding onto someone or being a friend gives me anxiety..that what if this person deserve someone better than me..what if I'll hurt this person..what if he/she wants to avoide me and I am being silly and holding onto them... Uff.. Also.. from past 3-4 days when I started investing myself into studies..that makes me anxious what if..I won't qualify..what if my parents won't be proud..why am I really living?? Also..I have several thoughts about many things..I procrastinate alot.. I dont what i wanna do..what im really doing..what's my future..f I dont want i wanna hear..what i wanna read.. Nvm..thanks..💀

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