social anxiety, forget fulness and low sense of self
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when i go the market i ussually forget to take the extra money that i gave to the shopkeeper, or forget to take the thing that i bought. Ussually its the shopkeeper calls me while i am.going away. It happens all the time. its super wierd and awkward. i even have difficulty while driving, especcially when its crowded or i am with someone. I keep forgetting the route and sometimes take the wrong lane. since a year i am having terrible nightmares. I used to be a very brave person who seldomly got scared but now I can't even stay alone in a room during daylight without being frightened about seeing my dopleangler, or being stared by a ghost, or being bitten by a caterpiller It's wierd!! although this fear strikes me sometimes but when it does i loose control on my mind. I spend hours thinking about past social gathering and I can't help but just get embarrassed. I don't know where to put my hands while talking or standing , I spent hours thinking about how I could have reacted differently during conversation to make it less awkward. I never had stage fear, I was super comfortable and excellent on stage but now I get a little but nervous.

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