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i have become an awkward person. i get conscious around people and the most dreadful thing is eye contact seems very very fake and strange. I am not able to explain it. it's very difficult for me to maintain an eye contact with someone and if i try to overcome it still seems strange. Also many people always comment that I am stressed but I am not even stressed at that time. I am not able to speak something properly. my tongue rolls sometimes and i mess up the language and I am not able to process fully what other is trying to tell me and if i know what they are telling I am not able to write it in words or make a sentence by myself. what's is happening to me. also when someone passes close by my body becomes stiff and my walking becomes strange. what is all this. have i failed being a human. am I aging backwards. or my graph is going downside day by day. i can speak well with my loved ones but other than that i mess up. Am I an idiot or Am I lower than even an average person

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