Someone help me please
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I am dating this other guy ,at first things were okay but now everything is out of place.He separated with his wife last year due to some reasons. Then we started dating in August this year .I am so deep in love with this guy .In October ,he wife came back ,and at that point we did a sort of a breakup thing .After 2 weeks he came to me and told me that he wanted things to work between him and l .We got back together...but still the wife is present in the picture. He tells me that he wants me for a lifetime and wants to spend the rest of his life with me .l told him to first finalize where he is heading to with his wife He is saying they are going to part ways and separate with his wife .l am still in school and l want to grab my degree so bad. So at the moment he wants to move to Australia but then a marriage certificate is required so as to fill in the spouse part .So he has been telling me that let's go to court and get married because l want to spend his life with me .

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