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Hi... I am feeling stressed, hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, weird, low self-esteem. wtf. and frustrated. Idk but the thing is. I don't know what actually normality is. Coz like this is frustrating to explain. The situation is like: I have strict parents. They have high expectations. I feel like I am living with sponsorship of all facilities, but not the exact parenting. Also with friends, I never actually had friends until one friend till college and now few other connection with mutual or other people. But still it feels "how do people get lucky to find one person for themselves either thru friend, sibling, or bff, bf gf, etc. ", Like how? Coz whenever I feel like I could share something with my bff or anyone close, it's like they provide me with some "do this do that" solution and I feel dumb. Whereas when they are sad, I don't stop without writing heartfelt paragraphs and hyping them up and even checking up on them for next few days. This is part 1. Where to continue?

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