sry fr wasting your time ,its ok if u r busy ,i just wanted to throw some things in this message
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I am N****l 22 yrs age. my parents r divorced since childhoo,later father died due to cardiac arrest. I and my mom went through a lot since 15 years. my family members r nt tht kind at all times i hv seen their true colours. my grandma died 7 years back she was my world after mom ,her death took a heavy toll on whole family all. My grandpa became alone ,he is a lecturer in his days ,so he has a character like where he is nt ready to accept anything goes wrong frm his side and expects everyone to obey and accept his commands. my mom on other hand is really soft hearted but she exhibits externally as she is strong. She has sacrificed many in raising me . she made me a national level chess player and swimmer . im really greatefull to have mom like her in life . But i havnt ever lived up to her expectation . since childhood we went a lot through black magic . we had to search fr years finding our ancestral god as none among family knew.

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