stopped feeling anything for current boyfriend, still stuck on past relationship
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I was in a relationship with a guy who was my childhood friend and my school mate and we were family friends too. We used to meet eachother in family functions  and then when we started studying together for the same exam we started spending more time with eachother and we fell in love and our relationship started. It's been 4 years too that. But after one beautiful year we spent together, he has to shift to maharashtra for the college and from then things started changing. We started fighting a lot he used to switch off his phone and then things used to become more difficult and then he started lying to me. Insecurities came in between us and a lot of problems started coming and then one fine day after 3 years of our relationship after an argument he blocked  me and broke up with me. He kept me blocked for 15 days and then after trying a lot contacting his friends he talked to me after 15 days and agreed upon being just friends. Then after 6 months we again came in relationship but things were still miserable we used to fight a lot and I used to cry to sleep most of the days he used to get upset on some of my stuff. And then one trip of my life changed everything. I went on a college trip and there  I started feeling for my classmate. After coming back from the trip I told this to me bf and he said it's fine it's just infatuation it happens you can take a break if you want. Initially I denied because I loved him  a lot  nd I found it wrong but then when me and my classmate used to be in college together I couldn't control my urge of being with him and I used to feel happier than I was with my bf so me and my bf decided to take a break so that I can know what I want and it ended our relationship I asked him so many times to come back and fix things but he always denied until one day he Said Okay but till then i was confused, but we were still friends.  but around 2 months back he started ignoring me and started ignoring my calls and messages and I got to know that he is in a relationship with a girl of her college. I felt bad and I started acting weird nd then we had a fight and after that he stopped talking to me he blocked me and now even if I try to talk he don't talk to me. I was fine without him for one year though I used to miss him but in these lockdown days when I have nothing to do I miss him a lot and in that urge I msg or call him and he ignore my calls and messages. My present relationship with my bf (then just classmate)is getting affected because of this and I'm not able to concentrate on my work. I feel sick nd I am not able to concentrate nd I feel as if things become as they were one year back. I don't know what I want Or what is right. I have stopped feeling for my present boyfriend and started missing my ex who don't even want to talk to me and has blocked me and has said to me that we will never talk to me. Pls help me with this.

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