stress about exams
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I have intense headache's so severe yrr .....and this headache problem is not new ..I had this problem since long ...and also consulted doctor two times ...but they didn't say anything serious , rather giving me a lot of medicine and said it's only due to stress ......but it's eating me up ...and I am tired of saying my mummy about my headache it become usual for me and her ..she started ignoring it now ....but honestly today 's headache is totally different and I am really suffering a lot avoid this ...I slept a lot since yesterday's about 12 hours approx I sleep ....but nothing seems right ....and also I took medicine that mummy gives me ...but nothing seems alright ....and I can't bear it ..I have my exam within 6-7 days ....and I hadn't completed even half of my syllabus I feel stuck ...I don't know what to do ...and it's not new for me .... whenever my exams are near , I stuck with some health issues ....I really fed up .....I am feeling low and

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